How to ATM a Unicorn

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This is no Aprils Fools…

This is another case of unicorn slaying.  Lets see how this slay unfolds. Recently Spotify issued a $1B convertible debt from TPG, Dragoneer, and Goldman Sachs clients. We will call them the VC mob (VCM).


  1. VCM can convert the debt to equity at a 20% discount of the IPO price.  (print money baby!!)
  2. If no IPO within 1 year, the carnage, oops, I mean the discount increases 2.5% and the interest on the debt (5%) will increases 1% maxed out to 10% every six months there after.
  3. VCM can sell their shares 90 days after IPO.  Spotify employees are locked up for 180 days zombiefied.

What this means is Spotify will IPO ASAP.  The race to zero first reported by The Wall Street Journal.  Treveri Capital specializes in risk management for executive liquidity of pre-IPO companies.

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