Happy 4th of July- The Freedom to Invest

This 4th July is a celebration of independence. The celebration is the US leaving the rule of UK which is the birth of the US. Independence is very important. In the investing world, independence can also be important. We should also celebrate our freedom to have so many investing options, asset classes, risks, and account types.

Why be locked into specific investments? Having the ability to choose investments that are suitable for our needs are very impactful. The world is not a cookie cutter for investments. Some may disagree but investing is specific to a persons needs, goals, risk, and time frame. Everyone has different situations and life is specific to that individuals needs which can be specific to asset classes. Some people feel more comfortable sitting in a savings accounts, others feel more comfortable in stocks and bonds.

Having the independence of choosing our risk level is important because risk changes depending on our goals. Also, excessive risk can be detrimental to a portfolio. We currently see that in the most recent banks blowing up with miscalculated bond risks. Risk can be adjusted or hedged.

Another reason to celebrate our investment independence is that we have the ability to open an Individual, Joint, Retirement Account, or Trust account. What ever suits your needs, people have lots of freedom to chose an investment account that is suitable for their needs. An example can be seen with an individual with a specific account early in life but then gets married and has a need for a joint account for both people to have access to the money. This gives flexibility.

We should all celebrate our investment freedom to invest in different asset classes, choose our investment risk, and have different account types to achieve our financial goals. The ability to independently and freely invest is another reason to celebrate this 4th of July. Talk to our wealth advisors for an independent review of your portfolio at Treveri Capital.

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