Category: SEC Violations

  • The Irrational Exuberance of ICO’s

    Investors be on the alert. Blue skies is really blue skies. The term blue skies came from commissioner Dolley in 1911 of Kansas stating “speculative schemes which have no more basis than so many feet of ‘blue sky‘ ” referencing the amount of company stock issued to the amount of blue sky above you. We are […]

  • Pharmaceutical Hedge Fund Manager Gets SEC Security Violations & Fraud

    Wannabe pharmaceutical hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli gets charged with several violations from the SEC.  Martin gets charged with violations of the 1933, 1934, 1940, and Exchange Act.  Hedge fund manager made several mistakes and tried to hide them. Some of the violations include: Misappropriation of moneys for food, clothing, medical, office rent, and cash […]

  • SEC Pops Greedy EB-5 Lawyers

    EB-5 is quite popular here in the Los Angeles area.  Most of the construction downtown Los Angeles is from Chinese EB-5 money.  It definitely attracts multiple participants because of the money involved.  Although there is big money to be made in EB-5, it is highly regulated and difficult to successfully do. EB-5 is a way […]