The CFTC ordered a monetary penalty and permanently bans Garen Ovsepyan, Sharpe Signa LLC and Haeres Capital LLC from the commodities industry.  The ban was for misrepresentation of $145 million vs $15 million assets under management (AUM).  Also, the forex trading advisor was not registered as a CTA and claimed a false exemption from AUM.  Link to CFTC Fraud.

With all these Unicorns lately, the market for private stock has been getting hot.  The SEC has alleged that NetCirq has violated federal securities laws regarding transactions involving Pre-IPO companies, swaps, and registration requirements.




The RIA model is growing fast right now primarily from technology and the premium service given to the clients.  Instead of being in a wire-house with out dated technology and pricing models or online broker dealers with less service, RIA’s are dominating the marketplace for wealth management!  I will be starting my journey to building an asset management firm catering specifically to client needs for wealth creation.