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  • The Medicare Maze

    Welcome to the world of Medicare. Its an interesting maze. Like a mouse maze, Medicare has different paths. Some dead ends, others successful. Although Medicare is difficult to navigate, there is an ability to plan a successful health care plan at age 65. Life is about planning and goals. This was taught when we were […]

  • Interest Rates: It’s a Question of Time

    Remember Depeche Mode? You know the 80’s New Wave band? They blasted through the US charts. One of their iconic album’s was called “Black Celebration”.  This album was a sensation. One particular song of interest from the album was “A Question of Time”. Lyrics: It’s just a question of timeAnd it’s running out for youIt […]

  • Big Bank Financial Inclusion Myth

    Big Bank Financial Inclusion Myth

    Big banks jump on the latest trends with the term “financial inclusion” for the masses. But, is financial inclusion from big banks a myth? Recent news from Wells Fargo shows quite the opposite of inclusion from Wells Fargo by eliminating revolving lines of credit of users borrowing $3,000 to $100,000. Although this is financial exclusion, […]

  • Treveri Capital Comment on Digital Crypto Assets

    Regulators are looking at crypto assets very closely for 2021. Treveri Capital LLC submitted comments to FinCEN- Requirements for Certain Transactions Involving Convertible Virtual Currency or Digital Assets and response HERE. We also submitted comments to the SEC- Custody of Digital Asset Securities by Special Purpose Broker Dealers and response HERE. With Treveri Capital’s insight […]

  • Cyber Criminals & Holidays

    Because of COVID-19, we have seen an increase in cyber crimes.  The holidays are here which is a perfect time for cyber criminals.  It’s a perfect time because more people are working from home using their personal electronic devices and shopping online.  Every day precautions should be made to help minimize cyber crimes. A recent […]